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Friday, August 17, 2007

Are you looking for a custom-designed fabric bag that will show the world your individuality? Tired of seeing yourself "coming and going" wherever you are? No two Nana Sadie Rose bags are identical, tho' you may choose an exterior fabric that is popular, the interiors and button closures will make for a distinctive bag you can call your very own original!

The bag that started it all, the Mera - the perfect size for a handbag with 6 interior pockets and shoulder straps that fall just under your arm for security purposes. Does everything you own dump to the bottom of your existing purse? The Mera neatly solves this problem - a place for everything, held securely till you need it! ($49, $59 for out of print fabrics)

The Kerri, the smallest "handbag" of the line, has 4 inside pockets and is suitable for smaller prints ($39, $49 for out of print fabrics).

Here's a grouping of the Mera & Kerri styles of Nana Sadie Rose bags...and down in front - coordinating checkbooks!

The Mavis Knitting Tote - 10 pocklets of various sizes, perfect for holding your straight and circular needles, scissors, tape measure and patterns, as well as a goodly supply of yarn for your current project $69

Another example of a Mavis Knitting bag is shown below:

Inside view of the Mavis:

And another inside view:

The Sadie Teacher Tote - sized to carry your laptop, files, and textbooks, with 7 pockets (including two for water bottles!) $79
(with a minor adjustment this bag becomes an 8 pocket diaper bag or the Maddy Mother's Bag for the same price)

The Grand Mera - Same large size as the Sadie, with 6 larger pockets and no loop closure. This is a true tote, but can be chic enough to easily work as a large handbag $75

Another version of the Grand Mera

Additional versions of Nana Sadie Rose bags

The Oressa Double-Point Needle case: $23

Another version of the Oressa:

The Oressa rolled up to fit in your knitting bag:

The Posy Sock Sack - the perfect "sling" style bag for sock knitters, with 4 sleeves sized for your sock needles, scissors, and crochet hook, plus a larger pocket for your tape measure or cell phone $29 ($39 for out of print fabrics)

Additionally, checkbook covers are often available to either match or coordinate with your bag purchase for $10.

Not all fabrics are available...Please visit our cooperating fabric retailers (noted on the sidebar) to choose the fabric that's perfect for you! You may contact me at the email address in the sidebar for more information and to place your order. I accept Paypal (I'll invoice you!) or US Postal Service money orders.

Thank you for your interest!


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