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Friday, August 06, 2010

New Items! Wow!

The Teabird Spindle Bag is the most recent item I'd like to show you:

Nicely sized, generous even...15 inches high and 8.5 wide with enough structure to protect a spindle and such inside but not too much. (Not as much as a regular Nana Sadie Rose bag, for example). That green piece up at the top? That's a wristlet loop, the photo didn't do that justice obviously. The strap can be changed from a wristlet to a shoulder strap for an additional $3, and to a long, across-the-body strap for just $3 more. Base price of the wristlet bag is $27.

Completely lined, and lightly stiffened and cushioned for a bit of structure, but not as much as most Nana Sadie Rose bags...If you'd prefer a shoulder strap Teabird, please add $3 to the base price of the bag above, is you'd like an across the body strap on your Teabird, add $6 to the base price.

Looking for a drawstring bag?

These are basic as they come, but lovely and lined. No structure whatsoever! Use them as small project bags (you knitters and crocheters, you know who you are!) or perhaps to hold shoes in your suitcase? Again the size is right, 15" x 8.5" and all of Nana Sadie Rose's attention to detail.

Nana Sadie Rose has another new accessory, just a "little something" - one that can easily coordinate to any bag you choose:

Key Fob Wristlets! A few are shown up there with an Altoids can for easy reference to size, but they're 1 inch wide (the key ring is an inch in diameter, too) and about 6 inches long overall. They'll hold lots of keys (and an emergency skein of sock yarn, if you're so inclined!) and either dangle from your wrist, or be easily located in the pockets of your Nana Sadie Rose bag.
There are two sizes of baglets now, this is the newest:

5" wide, they're perfect for holding credit cards and those pesky "membership" cards we all collect. Or perhaps for stitch markers and needle caps, my good knitter friends?
(the 7-inch size is great for cosmetics, or for whatever sundry you might need, and they're available for $7.50)

Do check for ready-mades in the Etsy shop, or visit the website for a custom order.

And if you have any questions at all, just let me know!


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