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Friday, June 24, 2011

New Items!

Several new items are available in my etsy shop (click the post title above to whip over to the shop quickly) and I'll show you a couple here:

The Nook ereader case - an envelope that protects your Nook in transit, nicely cushioned and structured, it's available for $20.

Then I made some changes to the Posy Sock Sack, making it optional, of course, but if you'd like a zipper to close the bag, you may now have one!

She's still a single strap shoulder bag.

And you can order the pockets two ways: (1) in the traditional Posy flannels to protect your double points, or (2) in quilting cotton to use as a handbag (which I call a Rosy). You'll find this one on the etsy custom order called "Rosy-Posy."

(no change in price with this modification, still $39)

And there are a couple of new needle cases over there, too: a modified Oressa that is sized to hold 10-inch straight needles, and then a "travel needle case" named Ellie, for those of you who want to take a few of every time of needle with you when you go!

Please stop by soon, I'd love to visit with you!